Writing Samples

Designing Usability Tests: Usability Testing 101

This is a document for NewWave developers and Business Analysts. It highlights a few best practices for gathering feedback when research isn’t built into a sprint.

UX Writing Samples

Here are a few samples I mocked up using Figma. There is a 404 page, alert pane, landing page, notification, and the 2FA account setting.

Mobile apps


MyCareAI is an app developed by NewWave for Medicare and Medicaid recipients.


  1. I worked with a small team of UX researchers, product managers, and developers.
  2. After reviewing the current flow, I delivered copy decks to evaluate copy choices.
  3. After completing the development, a UX researcher tested the MVP product.
  4. I listened to the test participants and picked out common words they used to explain how they felt, thought, wanted, or needed.

    Some of the words that emerged from the usability test included trusted contact, security, safe, safety, protect, and loved ones.
  5. I used these and other common words to refine the following screens: splash, account, dashboards, sharing, and error.

Figma links

Feature article

This feature article is about a veteran who returned from Vietnam to inspire students and parents, despite his horrible disfigurement.